Angeni Perez-Jamieson


Linguistic Diversity is Under Threat

ECA Courtyard, 74 Lauriston Pl, Edinburgh EH3 9DF

Languages were the inspiration for this work; they are a bridge to understanding yet also excluding; are so tied to our self expression, yet often not allowed to be heard. Many cultures have had to fight for the right to speak their Mother Language and the UN now recognises the International day of Mother Language on February 21st each year. I chose the symbol of a door to best represent how we shouldn’t shut people out if they are not able to speak a language; keeping the door open to all the possibilities and richness of ideas and thought different languages bring. Metal letters “flow” from the phrase Linguistic Diversity Is Under Threat, free from being confined to making words in only one language and raising awareness about the loss to humanity when languages disappear. The Scottish Parliament, a place for voices, discussions and debate was the original site for the finished work, bringing attention to the myriad of languages spoken in Scotland alongside Scots and Gaelic.