Caitlin Whitaker


Burns Night, lino print, 148 x 210 mm
The Kitchen Sink, lino print, 148 x 210 mm
Sunny Afternoon Spot, lino print, 148 x 210 mm
The Bathroom, lino print, 148 x 210 mm
Working from Home, lino print, 148 x 210 mm

Babka, 20 Brougham Place, Edinburgh, EH3 9JU

Being confined to a primarily domestic environment over the last year or so, as a consequence of the global pandemic, has forced me to delegate attention to things I would ordinarily have overlooked. Consequently, I take a great interest in observing and representing what others may see as the mundane: reading a book on the front steps while catching the last of the afternoon sun, a meal shared with flatmates, or a messy kitchen. Fundamentally, my practice is a self-reflective investigation and documentation of my life, and its relevance lies in an elevation of the everyday.

Although these prints depict seemingly inconsequential scenes, I believe that it is precisely this mundane quality which makes them worth documenting; the insignificant gains significance when incorporated into the amalgamation of a human existence.  Ultimately, we as people are products of our environments. I am a mosaic of everything I have ever interacted with, and of all the things that have ever stuck with me.