Catriona Mackenzie


Please Wait Here, Photograph series

Please Wait Here, documents and examines the way we are visualising and communicating about the pandemic with a particular focus on text and signs.

The pandemic has been interesting in that it is a very communal event happening in an age of individualism. This is symbolised by the mask/anti mask debate. Sacrificing of the self to help others more vulnerable than yourself/resisting an overly restrictive ruling power.

It is also happening in the post-modern age where our advancements in image making and disseminating information, have made information more prevalent and accessible than ever before.  At the same time, because of this, all information has become less believable.

Using image and text the work creates meanings and counter meanings through its pairing of images, that reflect the various and contrasting narratives that exist around the pandemic.

the work captures the subconscious language of the streets, and high-lights the amount of text we encounter in our daily lives in the city.

It is a document for the future, one day it will be hard to remember how strange this moment in time was.