Christian Bajenaru


Bending Light

The Meadows, installed on 07/05 at 20:21

Bending light is part of my ongoing experimentation with “immaterial materials” in which I seek to disolve the lines between digital and analog, between the virtual and the natural world.

Recently I am looking even more than before at nature and the symbiotic relationship we have with the organisms that surrounds us. Small details and characteristics that seem to be overlooked is what offers knowledge and a glimpse into how an ecosystem functions. By observing the dichotomy of organic and man made objects I hope to gain a better understanding of their purpose. Merging digital and analog, while considering the environment in which I operate, is what I am currently keen on exploring. My practice today exists at an intersection of fiction, science and technology, in a world where trans-humanist practices seek to empower, integrate, and align rather than place humans above everything else in the natural world.