Ella Moore-Hughes


Plastic Pandemic, photograph series

Posterboard at Teviot

Plastic Pandemic is a photographic series which raises social and environmental awareness of the effects of plastic waste on marine life.

Many people choose to ignore or are desensitised to images of marine life suffering from discarded plastic. By using a human as a representation of marine life, I change the perspective in hopes of creating a more sympathetic response from the viewer, thus encouraging people to reconsider their attitudes towards plastic.

There is a barcode on my photographs to symbolise the mass production and mass consumption of plastics. Viewers scan this barcode where they are invited to do something about the issue, through a variety of UK organisations.

In some photographs, it isn’t immediately obvious that there is a body present, this is to highlight the colossal scale of the issue as well as the fact that some animals are facing extinction due to plastic pollution. By 2050, it is estimated there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean.

Instead of overwhelming people with more detrimental facts on plastic pollution, my photographs speak for themselves and offer the audience a solution on how to make a difference; to help tackle the increasing problem of plastic pollution.