Erical McCracken


Ég heiti Bíll (My name is Bíll )

Mamma mín er lundi. My mother is a puffin. Pabbi min er … an American fire hydrant My father is… an American fire hydrant) and I represent the work of Erical McCracken.

She collaged me with items from the communal cupboard of her shared house in Reykjavík.

My name means ‘car’ in Icelandic. It looks like ‘bill’ as in beak but sounds more like BEAT. My body is made of a quarter-full tin of grain - I’m sonic.

My paper coffee filter beak keeps falling off - I occasionally lose my voice.

I’m solid, dependable, uncomplicated and friendly. I exist primarily in relation to Saman, an  overworked horse. Though made of similar materials from the same cupboard as me, Saman is  complex and fragile, with broken legs and a detached head. Saman means ‘together’. Get it?  Together. Get it together.

I’m currently being scaled up so that I can take more space, be inhabited, and be played in every  sense of the word: as a character, as an instrument, as a chess piece. 

I’ve got a sort of child-building-a-rocket aesthetic. I speak of the importance of play.

Erical likes her work to speak for itself. So, while she’s painting a slice of toast she dropped on the  floor with boiled linseed oil varnish, allow me to introduce her skifflepunk album COLD DRUNK.