Fred Connor and
Lucy Mulholland


Fred︎      Lucy︎


Earth 38 cm in Diameter, Stand 160 cm
Butterflies between 12x6x3cm and 6x3x2cm
Moon 25cm in Diameter, Stands 225cm

Douglas Stewart Building Windows, 3 Charles St, Edinburgh EH8 9AD

Tomorrow is a distanced collaborative work between Fred Connor and Lucy Mulholland, exploring beginnings, endings and narratives. The beginning formation of the Earth and Moon are thought to be connected back to another planet Thea crashing into an early Earth. They merged together and the resulting debris formed the moon, this led us to explore their connections and dependence on each other. The Moon is vital to sustaining life on Earth and seems to be integral to our future vision where we evade an apocalyptic ending by escaping to the promise of the Moon. The dream of living on the Moon implies needing to leave the Earth behind, distancing ourselves from the Earth, our dependence and impact on it. Our Earth was made with painted and dried forget-me-nots as a literalism- forget-Earth-not. Our Earth is hollowed and used up no longer supporting life, our recycled paper butterflies are migrating mimicking the projected flight pattern of a rocket to the Moon. The butterflies are in the final stage of their lifecycle, the last stand and hope for renewal. This preoccupation with a future ending neglects present concerns by putting off today’s problems until tomorrow.