Imogen Lee Allan


Road Signs Reworked

My work surrounds structures; both the physical nature of construction, scaffolding and building projects, as well as the structures of those in power- arising questions of how our society is managed and lived within. This year I have sought to project some of my continuing frustrations with both the hyper-masculanised profession of the ‘workie’ as well as that of the men in political power, ruling over our disparate country. This has enabled me to underpin both feminist and political concerns within my work. Throughout the last year social media has called attention to a variety of issues arising in our current society, these include: feminist concerns, political critique, and the abuse of power by institutions. I aim to use visual elements present within construction work and produce signs and paintings relating to the issues at hand. I hope to bring these explorations to the forefront of my practice and start a public conversation, grounded with feminist concerns of inclusion and activism.