Iona Peterson 



Digital Landscapes

The Western light of home retreats
And god was short of Earth
Bless the boat, so no harm shall befall us

 Greyfriars Art Shop, Edinburgh EH1 2QQ

The place at the centre of Digital Landscapes is the Ardnamurchan peninsula on the West coast of Scotland. I am interested in our relationships with external environments and how we interpret landscapes, historically and personally, to reflect human spirit.

I began in the physical realm, exploring the coast through walking, filming, collecting. Unfortunately, the pandemic very abruptly ended these physical wanderings and I, like many, began a year of screens and overconsumption of digital content.

At points it felt like we existed though pixels, and it was at this point that this series was created. The photos were taken last summer and have since mutated digitally and physically. The text comes from a variety of sources such as the Carmina Gadelica, local poetry and music by my Seanair (Grandad). It is a fragmented view of a very rich landscape and an attempt to find balance in our relationship between technology and nature.