Isabella Inskip


Moon Face, Pulled Face, Spin, Fragment, Surface

Teviot Poster Boards,
cards in Format Cafe 124 Buccleuch St, Newington, Edinburgh EH8 9NQ

 In the creation of this body of work I have been exploring the ideas of documentation, multiples, and reproducibility. I started off by thinking about how I could make sculpture that was just as effective on-line as it was in real life. This led to an exploration of how I could use various digital tools to re-create, and share with the world, the small plaster figures I was making in my room. Using the digital tool Artivive I created 5 works that present as 2d line drawings in the real world, but when scanned with the Artivive app, reveal holograms. By interacting with my work, I hope to present the viewer with a multi-media experience that will let them see the same work in multiple manifestations. Additionally, I have added a QR code to the back to the small business-card sized versions of my work (that are available to take home) that will grant access to a 3d printable file of a number of my works. My hope is that some viewers will be able to print out their own 3d sculpture and then be able to experience my work in 2d, 3d and digital form.