Isobel Leonard


Grid Box Composition

Peanut Press, 24 Brougham St, Edinburgh EH3 9JH

My work is grounded in a love of form and I am motivated by its potential to reify feeling and externalise it in material. I am a firm believer in thinking through doing, experiencing material and play. However, I am also interested in nomadic forms which traverses time and place, picking up extensive cultural allusions and fictions. The work I’m showing in this wonderful exhibition is the result of playful combination and recombination. It is a modular workstation modelled off of Friedrich Froebel’s grid tables and net drawings for early learners. I wanted to create an abstract design activity which allowed for playful interactions of form, colour, light and surface. It was a way for me to develop my interest in unity between internal relations and confront the play between objects.