Katherine Stanley


Beware the cuckoo, They’re within us all

The Tent Gallery, Evolution House, 78 West Port Edinbugh, EH1 2LE.
(best experienced after sunset)

Folk lore is the art of the people. A manifestation of our instinctual fears and hopes into an entity separate from ourselves, to be observed as something separate from us. My practice is built on the back of such stories, passed down generations through the act of oral storytelling these tales where never meant to be written down. My dyslexia mean I find the written word to be inaccessible, yet within folklore I experience the weightlessness of intellectual freedom. Uncaged by the constraints of words, the possibilities of my creative enlightenment bloom endlessly. Accessibility is key to my practice. What is the point in an artwork if it only speaks to those who have the time and ability to search for a subtext within the cryptic? This intellectual elitism is what has kept art wrongfully hidden from the masses.