Lucas Priest


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The Meadows 

'I would like to invite anyone who is willing to contribute a documentation or reflection of a daily walk to become part of a COVID-19 time capsule, to be ‘opened’ in the form of an exhibition at the Edinburgh College of Art during the next academic year. A retrospective look at what our day to day routines have become. I see this as an opportunity to capture a moment in time when our experience of nature, green spaces and walking is a direct and significant one'⠀

The above invitation was sent out to all I could contact, family, friends, fellow art students and other Edinburgh residents during the lockdown, I asked if anyone would be willing to send me a screenshot of their daily walk GPS tracked onto a digital map. I titled this project; Walk. Breath. Space.

As time went on, it became more and more clear that a physical exhibition would not be possible, practical or a safe way of sharing my ideas about walking and the responses I have collected over the lockdown (and now into Lockdown pt.2). This is why I created this website. I see this site as centre point for the project going forward, as well as bringing together different aspects and expressions of walking that this project as collected and encouraged. As to tie these works directly to the experience of walking, I have developed a sound walk through Edinburgh, a reflective opportunity to stop and listen to ideas and thoughts about walking and its place mid-pandemic by Edinburgh’s emerging artists.