Lucy Gogoliuk


Birth Right
Magic Tree

Wee Red Bar windows, 74 Lauriston Pl, Edinburgh EH3 9DF

My work creates a subjective mythology which draws on eclectic sources, including childhood memories, Russian folk art, fairy tales, dreams and plastic toys. The tactile, fluid qualities of oil paint make it the ideal medium for my work, which evokes deep-seated memories in a visceral, immediate way. For a recent series of paintings, I have been actively exploring the possibilities of digital enhancement to develop my use of colour in my practice, reflecting a contemporary aesthetic. I situate my work within a feminist tradition which explores female gender identity through examining subconscious fears and desires, gender roles, childhood, memories, fantasy and emotion. I also see my art as part of a long-standing artistic tradition in which the principles of aesthetic harmony, composition, colour and the tactile surface of paint are of central importance. I aim to make work that allows a viewer to escape into an imaginary world of ‘female fantasy’.

My paintings investigate the pervasive allegory which links femininity and flowers. Further, they create recurring caricatures and visual references that bring together disparate parts of my experience of Eastern and Western European culture. The work strives to bring the viewer both forwards and backwards in time by occupying a position between Eastern and Western European styles, contemporary and traditional techniques and expected and unexpected subject matter. Within the work I attempt to discover nuanced ways to question the constructs of my gender and national identity as a Scottish woman, daughter to an English mother and a Russian father. I combine the bountiful traditional iconography of Eastern European folk art with contemporary artificial colours and ‘hyper-feminine’ imagery in a series of dream-like compositions as I seek to reclaim the meaning of ‘ultra-femininity’ to create a new powerfully personal mythology of female identity.