Madeline Howden


Small function of perfect things

Location: Ali’s Cave, 139-145 Lothian Rd, Edinburgh EH3 9AD

Seeing how our everyday activities are self-sufficient and consistently repeated, creating an immortality whereby were consumed completely by a process which doesn’t require our personal will or existence. Within my practice I’ve reshaped and altered the purpose of a common tool changing the function and therefore reversing the process and bringing excitement into the everyday.  However these objects are only items for which the viewer can see through admiration and functionality doesn’t practically exist within them, so it’s defined through an individual's mental decision to see things differently.

Viewing these things within a real-life setting (hardware store) making the distinction between art and reality desecrate even using common household or store bought materials brings the essence of made into the quality of my work. However the chosen materials and shape brings little if not any real-life functionality therefore, divested of any practical and ordinary service they can only be viewed and appreciated as an object.