Olivia Brown/
Tsitra Park


Insights, Video, 2020

In the age of social media and big data, I am concerned with visibility and invisibility, using my body as a language to explore how the individual performs and responds to mass surveillance. I tangle with the process of gauging information, employing performative practice to create movement and investigate perspective.

My work is reflective, personal; I use my own image as a metaphor for the individual, one which seeks to highlight its own subjectivity. I encourage the viewer to find themself in it, to find themself in me. I play with the  anthropomorphic figure, using the green morph suit to address the human element of art as subject and voyeur. I do not combat but question this relationship, using humor as an entry-point to engage in serious discourse. My work is curious, the artifact of a journey that playfully extends an invitation to the viewer, to add to it what they may and build their own structure around the basis I have established.