Rachel Glen


The Secret Garden, Acrylic on canvas

‘The Secret Garden’ attempts to relive memories of my childhood through games,  imagination, the gardens secrets and the unfolded events of imagining, making, thinking,  dreaming and creating. As a now 21 year old I have attempted to deeper explore the  gardens secrets as well as comparing my art process as a child and as an adult. I have  constructed a physical memory palace from cardboard replicating my childhood bedroom  and have used paint and video to relive and experience the fabricated world I created.

I photographed this model and translated the bedroom and events into a series of  paintings that portray this world at different angles and subtly expose the secrets of the  room and garden through the formation of coloured vines that thread their way around the  room. Each vine shows the paths I have taken mentally to re-explore the secrets and  detail features of colour psychology. 

I now hold a much deeper understanding of my childhood imagination and have formed a  better connection between my younger and present mind. It has helped me to understand  the way in which I remember events and why some events are more prominent than  others.