Rhiannon Gray


Spaced Out in Space

ECA Courtyard, 74 Lauriston Pl, Edinburgh EH3 9DF

I set myself the infinite task of mosaicking the cosmos as a commentary of boundless working-class daily rituals. My work is guided by accessing materials, spirit work, and meditative insights. I am conscious of my output as an artist, so the object I depict depends on what materials I have access to. I appreciate each discarded form of matter – for example, a tile found in a tile bin outside a tile shop – as an atomic form with an inner world that we can neither see nor hear but we can feel and relate to. I superimposed physically retained trauma onto materials and invite the public to do the same. The participatory aspect of inviting people to help me fragment tiles and unleash frustration, anger, and pain onto them, informs my process as a ritual, not a performance. Nonetheless, without members to engage in this ritual with me, it plays with the symbiotic union of being both. I roll the cosmos through the winding streets, allowing spirit to guide me to their resting place. They are intuitively placed, and the public is invited to interact with the energy of a matter which is unusually tangible.